Shiny Lime Green Star Elf's Cottage
Welcome to the cottage! // Last update: December 1st, 2023 // "知彼知己 | Know thyself, know thy enemy." -Sun Tzu

this is a queer safe space
I hope this was all worth it

Hello, passing traveler! Care for a cup of tea? A quiet place to relax and put up your feet, perhaps?

WARNINGS: This site is NOT very mobile friendly. Check my carrd for DNIs.

Feel free to yoink whatever you want! Credit is not necessary, but certainly appreciated :] Safe travels and good luck to all the webmasters out there, keeping the old web alive.

To - Do
  • Customize the template code a little bit more
  • Fix and restyle all my old pages
  • Make the new pages
  • Link it all in nav
  • Add JS music player for autoplay
  • Work on shrines! they need help!
  • Remake button for linking back purposes
  • Add my webrings back into main



This city has been running as of october 8th, 2022!

a lot of the site stat code plugins don't work on my school wifi, which is where I tend to work on my site. check back later and see if anything is here.