Cute Box Frog

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. All warfare is based." -Sun Tzu(maybe)

Welcome to the Attic!

Please read this first!

I'm currently working on an aesthetic overhaul with custom graphics and layering! Come back when it's done, since most of my code isn't functional at the minute!

This website is a work in progress. It's mostly just a place for me to teach myself HTML and CSS, and use those skills to create my own little cozy corner of the internet!

Fair warning- not much is in place at the minute, so please excuse any bugs and pages that don't work.

My current plans:

  • Define aesthetic/make everything a little more cohesive :)
  • Get some nicer fonts
  • Make shrines
  • Fix Abt Me Page
  • Make enter page
  • Decorate with sprites
  • Add to the hoard
  • Fix the SCM player for the love of god
  • Figure out how to make some cool little sidebar boxes
  • Learn about code and have fun!

please enjoy my little nerd corner!

CC0 Elfwyn, 2022