Welcome to my collection of resources! Here you'll find links I've collected regarding various areas of interest that can hopefully be of some use to you. Please use the navigation bar to jump from section to section.


Site Description Date Added
Learn CSS Grids Grid garden is a useful game to help your understanding of how CSS grids work! Would recommend! 10/10/23
Guide to flexboxes Just a helpful guide to css flexboxes- helped me with this site. 10/10/23
Eggramen's CSS Templates I'm sure you've seen these around- Eggramen's templates are incredibly useful! I highly recommend checking them out. Some of my own pages are directly edited from theirs! 10/10/23
Website Description Date Added
Loveberry's Resource Page Loveberry has put together a useful collection of graphics, code, text and music resources for your use! Please support their page and check it out! 10/10/23


Website Description Date Added
Elfwyn's Graphics Just my shameless plug- This is a link to my personal graphic directory. Mostly everything is linked back to its original source, or made by me. 10/10/23
Text Studio Text studio is a tool that allows you to create many kinds of text assets, including my favorite, the rainbow 3d text maker! 10/10/23
Photomosh Photomosh is a very cool gif editing tool that allows you to create webcore-styled gifs for free! 10/10/23
Bonnibel's Graphics Collection Bonnibel has put together an incredible collection of graphics of every kind! 10/10/23
Pixel Safari's Graphics Archive Pixel Safari has a page dedicated to archiving graphics and contains all sorts of free to use resources! 10/10/23
Sukiyaki's Graphic Resources Nemi's page has a very large collection of different kinds of resources and links to other directories. 10/10/23
OMFG Neocities Graphics This neocities user has created many graphics for you to use for free! They harken back to the old web. (One of my personal favorites.) 10/10/23


Website Description Date Added
Halloween Pumpkin Man Tutorial I found this cool tutorial on how to make a pumpkin man for your house! If you give it a whirl, let me know how it went! I really want to make my own one now, lol. 10/10/23


Website Description Date Added
Run your own social Run your own social is a VERY helpful guide to setting up and hosting a small social networking site for you and your friends. 10/10/23
History of Netscape buttons If you're looking for an informational read, this site provides information about how neocities and netscape buttons originated. 10/11/23
IndieWeb From their website: "The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web"." Check it out! 10/12/23
32-Bit Cafe From their website: "We're a community of like-minded website hobbyists and professionals helping to make the personal web fruitful and bountiful again, full of self-expression and removing the capitalistic drive out of it." 10/12/23
Non-commercialized Search Engine This is a search engine that gives you results more closely targeted to your search- no corporate influence! 10/12/23

Site Creds

Website Description Date Added Adilene created the template for this page! Please go support their website! 10/10/23
Mimi @ Mimi's site has many useful resources, templates, and code snippets. It's protected by copyheart, so free 2 use! 10/11/23
gillion tidestrider from dungeons and dragons podcast Just Roll With It
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